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Friday, September 17, 2010

US drones are pounding Pakistan's North Waziristan.

US drones are pounding Pakistan's North Waziristan. Here's why
US drones have stepped up bombing raids to combat new alliances cropping up between disparate militants coming to Pakistan's North Waziristan region.
By Owais Tohid, Christian Science Monitor, September 16, 2010

Karachi, Pakistan —
After a CIA Predator drone fired a missile in the village of Issori in North Waziristan last month, Jamshed Khan and other tribesmen rushed to the mud home that was the target. Mr. Khan recalls that as the tribesmen started to remove bodies, a group of men drove up, offered prayers for the victims, and left.

The tribesmen say the visitors were well known: Some belong to Al Qaeda and some are the followers of powerful leader Hafiz Gul Bahadur, who once had ties to Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), the main Taliban umbrella group there.

Thousands of TTP militants fled here after last year’s military crackdown in South Waziristan, adding to the already mixed crowd of militants seeking shelter there post-9/11. And despite diverse nationalities, they appear able to work in sync.

“Our bonding force is our common cause of waging jihad in Afghanistan,” says Azam Tariq, TTP spokesman. Their ultimate goal, he says, is to implement sharia law. “Then why wouldn’t we be united?”

That unity has prompted the United States to urge Islamabad to again crack down – this time, on North Waziristan. But Pakistani security officials are hesitant to get involved there.


فلنٹاف نے کرکٹ کو خیر آباد کہہ دیا


اینڈریو فلنٹاف نے اپنے ٹیسٹ کیریئر کا آغاز جنوبی افریقہ کے خلاف 1998 میں کیا۔

منگل کو انگلینڈ کے تیز بولر اینڈریو فلنٹاف نے ہر قسم کی کرکٹ سے ریٹائرمنٹ کا اعلان کر دیا ہے

فلنٹاف نے اپنے ٹیسٹ کیریئر میں 79 ٹیسٹ میچوں میں 3,845 رنز بنائے، جن میں پانچ سنچریاں بھی شامل ہیں۔ انہوں نے 31.77 کی اوسط سے 226 وکٹیں حاصل کیں۔

منگل ک
و انگلینڈ کے تیز بولر اینڈریو فلنٹاف نے ہر قسم کی کرکٹ سے ریٹا 

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