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Assignment No. 01 
SEMESTER Fall 2010
CS507- Information Systems

Total Marks: 10

Due Date: 01/11/2010
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Lectures Covered: This assignment covers Lecture # 01-08

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   Marks: 10

Question 1:
 What are the organization, management and technology dimensions of information systems?  [3 marks]

Question 2:
 Describe some of the major changes that information systems are bringing to organizations. [3 marks]

Question 3:
Describe the two factors that explain why organizations adopt information systems.  [4 marks]

Assignment No.1
     Information System (CS507)
Kashif Ali Qazi

What are the organization, management and technology dimensions of information system?

Organization Dimensions of Information System:
          Information system is an integral part of any organization. Indeed, some companies like credit reporting firms can not survive without information system management. All the organizations have a structure that is composed of different levels and specialties.
Seniors Management is to make long term planes and decisions regarding the product and service as well as ensure the financial growth of the firm.
Middle Level Managers are responsible for carrying out the planes made by the top level management.
Operational managers are responsible for monitoring the daily tasks and activities of the organization.
Knowledge Workers like scientists, engineers, designers, etc are responsible for new product designing and exploring the new knowledge for the organization.
Data workers are responsible for the clerical jobs.
Production workers are responsible for manufacturing and delivering a product or rendering a service.
                     Experts are employed and trained for the different business functions like sales & Marketing, accounting and finance, production and operations and HR professionals. Information system automates the business processes and makes it convenient for the massagers to perform this business functions.e.g. How a customer receives credits and how a customer is billed?  This is often done by using information system.

Management Dimensions of Information System;
                         Management s’ job is to make sense out of the many situations faced by the business organization, make decisions , formulating the strategies and solve the problems faced by the organization. The management is also supposed to allocate the resources to achieve the organizational goals. But managers have also do an other job of developing new products. All these managerial functions can not be done with out a proper support of information system.

Technology Dimensions of Information System;
          Information technology is a major tool the managers use to cope with change. Computer hardwares, sofwares, data management technology, networking and communication devices are the components of information system. The most important is the World Wide Web (WWW). All these technologies along with well trained and skilled people to make use to these represent resources that could be shared through out the organization and constitutes a firm s’ IT Infrastructure. IT infrastructure provides the milestone on which a firm builds its IT infrastructure.
                          Each organization must care fully design its’ IT infrastructure which can fulfill its needs adequately.

Describe some of the major changes that information systems are bringing to the organization?
Information Systems and Technologies are affecting the business organization in the following way;
  1. Improved Operational Performance:
  2. Improved Response to Customer
  3. Improved Accounting and Inventory Management
  4. Improved internal & External Communication
  5. Improved customer satisfaction by better and quick response.
  6. Competitive advances over the competitors.


Describe two factors that explain why the organizations adopt information system?

The business firms adopt information system to achieve the following advantages;
  1. Operational Excellence
  2. New Product, Services and Business Models
  3. Customers and Suppliers Intimacy
  4. Improved Decision Making
  5. Competitive Advantages
  6. Survival
             Now let us discuss only two factors in detail because the instructor asked to discuss only two factors to be discussed.

  1. Operational Excellence;
    1. Business continuously seeks to improve the efficiency of their operations in order to achieve higher profitability. Information system and technologies are the some of the most important tools available to managers for achieving higher levels of efficiency and productivity in business operations, especially when coupled with change in the business practices and management behavior.
Wal-Mart, the largest retailer on the earth, exemplifies the power of information system coupled with brilliant business practices and supportive management to shelf. Wal-Mart is the most efficient retail store in the industry, achieving sales of more than $28 per square foot, compared to its competitor, target, at $23 a square foot, within other retail firms producing less than $12 a square foot.

  1. Improved Decision Making;
    1. Many business managers operate in an information fog bank, never really having the right information at right time to make an informed decision. Instead, managers rely on forecasts, best guesses and good luck. The result is over production or underproduction of good/services, misallocation of resources and poor response time. These poor outcomes raise cost and lose customers. In the last 10years, information system and technologies have made it possible for the managers to use the real-time data from the marketplace when making decision.
                For instance, Verizon Corporation, one of the largest regional Bell operating companies in the US, uses web-based digital dashboard to provide managers with precise real-time information on customer complaints, network performance for each locality server and line outages or strom-diamged lines. Using this information, managers can immediately allocate repair resources to the affected areas, inform consumers of repair efforts and restore service fact.

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