Friday, November 30, 2012

Amazing Rock in Saudi Arabia - Believe It Or Not

A huge rock in a village of Al-Hassa region, SAUDI ARABIA raises 11 cms from the ground level once in a year during the month of April and stays elevated for about 30 minutes!!!

They say that 17 years ago, one Mujahid was shot dead behind this rock as he was hidden there. This encounter happened in the month of April 1989. You can see the fresh blood stains on the rock. Most surprisingly, when the rock raises from the ground, these stains become darker, fresher and wet. Local residents tried to wipe off the stains several times, but after some time it appears again on the rock automatically...

Isn't it astounding? 

Have a look.... 

Apple Introduced the iPhone 5

Apple Introduced the iPhone 5 

Apple introduced the iPhone 5  Review, Pictures & HD Wallpapers: U.S. technology giant Apple officially introduced the latest version of its popular Smartphone –“ iPhone 5”, which is thinner and 20% lighter than the previous model (iPhone 4S), released almost a year ago. Apple has made the presentation of iPhone 5 in San Francisco. Thanks to the new product, the company expects to again come out on top in the world in Smartphone sales, which it lost to this year the Korean company Samsung.
In recent days, other Smartphone makers have also announced their new products, trying to take advantage of the fact that throughout the world, the demand for the most technologically advanced smart phones. Representatives Apple reported that the new phone is made of aluminum and glass, the thickness is 7.6 mm and weighs 122 grams.
Screen size – 10.2 cm phone has a faster processor and three microphones, instead of the two previous models. In the U.S. the new iPhone 5 will go on sale next week and will cost as much as the cost the previous model: the base mode will cost customers to sign a two-year contract with mobile communications, $ 199.

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A6 chip

A5 chip


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