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3G EVO Tab

Introducing Pakistan’s First 3G Enabled Smartphone Android Tablet—3G EVO Tab. Powered by Google Android Froyo2.2 OS, EVO Tab is a 7’’ capacitive multi gestures touch screen tablet packed with features of both a tablet and a GSM phone that lets you surf, talk, tweet & do a lot more simultaneously on-the-go in more than 100 cities nationwide.

3G EVO Tab Packages

Now Introducing Amazing new Prepaid Packages!

Discover the true freedom of mobility with your 3G EVO Tab; Now introducing exciting new prepaid packages to ensure that you stay connected to your network wherever you go.

EVO Tab Device cost: Rs.25,000

EVO Tab Device cost: Rs.25,000

Bundle Cost
Evo Tab Unlimited
1 Month
Evo Tab 5 GB
3 Months
Evo Tab 15 GB
6 Months
Rs. 27,000

 EVO Tab Recharge Options

Monthly Unlimited
30 Days
Evo Tab 5 GB
5 GB
90 Days
Evo Tab 15 GB
15 GB
180 Days
  • In case of new sale, customer will have to pay the bundled charges as per the desired package at the time of sale.
  • For package conversion, customer shall have to make a request at PTCL OSS.  
  • Package validity shall depend on the prescribed volume consumption or the number of days; whichever comes first. 
  • Account recharging after the expiry of initial bundle can be done through evo-Vfone scratch cards, PTCL OSS Top-up service, or any Easy Paisa and U-load retailer.


Super Fast 3G Speeds 

Experience browsing at Super fast speeds with Pakistan’s fastest 3G wireless broadband network EVO 3G at speeds of upto 3.1MBPS. With both Wi-Fi & 3G support browse without limitations 24/7 wherever you are & enjoy surfing, downloading and a lot more on –the-Go!

Power of Android Froyo 2.2                                        

Packed with a full web browser and Internet surfing capabilities, the Android platform gives you access to over 250,000
applications through the Android Market including Gmail, Pandora and Facebook. plus the ability to play games, enjoy music and videos, navigate, send text messages, and make calls on your phone

Experience the Touch! 

The 7“ high resolution LCD with multi-gesture capacitive touch screen delivers excellent screen sharpness. Pinch the screen to zoom in/out, rotate the tab to change the screen orientation or just slide to scroll up/ down or move on to thenext page.

One touch access to Communication, Navigation & Entertainment!

With a host of in-built communication apps, Evo Tab is your own mobile social hub that travels with you. The in-built applications include a line of Google apps such as Google voice search, full web browser & Gmail as well as Push access to any other mail service like Hotmail, Yahoo or even work mails. With TALK. get in touch through instant messaging or instantly connect with friends on FACEBOOK wherever you are.


My Travel Companion! 

Never loose directions with EVO Tab’s in- built Google Maps, latitude & Navigator Apps. Need help in finding directions; no worries Just search for it in one of the navigation apps and you’ll get detailed road maps of your desired destination. With Voice search feature, simply talk to your EVO Tab & it will show you the way to your destination; how cool is that!
New to the city? With “Places”, your EVO Tab becomes your guide and shows you the way to interesting sites such as shopping areas, & eateries close to you.

Experience Superb quality photos with 5MP Camera!

Enjoy Superb quality photos with dual cameras in your tab; front cam offers good clarity for video chats while the 5MP rear camera lets you capture great stills as well as HD quality real time videos 



On-the-Go Juke Box!

Rock out, Get groovy or just listen to some relaxing music with evo tab’s excellent sound quality. With Music apps in Android Market get access to millions of songs or listen to over 50,000 live radio channels while on-the-Go



On-the-Go Cinema & a thrilling Gaming Experience!

Enjoy cinema magic with HD quality movie playback at your Evo Tab or with YOUTUBE stream like a dream at 3G speeds.

With a large multi-gesture capacitive screen experience gaming at its best with your EVO Tab. So go ahead feed your Angry birds addiction or indulge yourself in some thrilling arcade racing with a wide range of online as well as downloadable games from the android market!




Work or do some social networking!

With Evo tab one touch gives you real time access to your work emails, social media as well as instant messaging services. So Go ahead stay connected to your social networks & share through the pre-installed facebook & twitter apps. Make voice calls through Skype or video conference with friends or clients while on the move.

With in-built Office suite, get your work done while on-the-move. With “Documents to Go” App; create, edit & view documents, spreadsheets or even power point presentations!

Specifications Download

Size & Weight:

Size & Weight: 199mm x 114mm x 12mm
7.8" x 4.5" x 0.47"

 Weight: 429 grams

Processor:  Qualcomm MSM7627T (Turbo) 800Mhz multicore processor for seamless multitasking and superfast browsing.

Quad-core Turbo Processor
800 Mhz Application Processor
400 Mhz Communication/Modem Processor
320 Mhz DSP for Multimedia
Adreno 200 GPU (with support for Open GL 1.0/ES 2.0) 

7” screen WVGA LCD 800 X 480 resolution Capacitive touch screen Multi-Touch

Internal Storage: 512 MB
RAM: 512 MB
Expansion Slot: microSD™ memory card (up to 32 GB)
Actual available internal storage may differ depending on software configuration of your tablet.
Camera5 Megapixel rear camera with Auto Focus
VGA Secondary front Camera for Video Conferencing
Operating System:Android Froyo OS 2.2
Internet:Wi-Fi®: IEEE 802.11 b/g
Evo 3G Wireless Broadband with speeds up to 3.1 MBPS
Bluetooth ®:Bluetooth EDR 2.1 technology for secure simple pairing
Location:A-GPS for faster location tracking
Digital Compass

Cellular & Wireless:CDMA/ EVDO: Supports EVDO/CDMA 1X 1900Mhz,
Quad-band GSM/GPRS/ EDGE/UMTS: 850/900/1800/1900/ UMTS 2100Mhz
Dual Mode: EVDO or UMTS
Sensors:G-Sensor – for auto rotation & gaming Light Sensor – adjusts auto brightness
Input/output:3.5 mm stereo audio jack
Standard mico-USB
TF card slot
2 SIM card Slots
Mini DC Jack
Stereo Speakers For a richer movie watching and music listening experience
Microphone built-in microphone for voice commands, voice calls & audio chat
Power & Battery
Battery Type:
 Rechargeable Li-Ion
Battery Capacity: High Capacity 3500mAh Battery
Standby Time: Up to 140 hours
Video Playback: Up to 7hours
Internet browsing: Up to 4 hours

Design & Button

In the Box 

  • 3G Evo Tab
  • Stereo Earphones with Mic
  • Micro USB Cable
  • USB Power Adapter
  • Free Sleeve Pouch
  • Documentation
  • Warranty Card
Warranty1 Year after sales & service warranty. Please refer to limited warranty statement on Warranty Card placed inside the box for complete terms & conditions.


Grey Stone & Ivory White

Tips & Tricks

How can I prolong my tab’s battery time?
Following are some of the factors that contribute towards quick drain out of the battery
  • Non-stop data transfer using 3G & Wi-Fi.
  • Setting display settings to Maximum Brightness
  • Syncing applications running continuously in background.
To conserve your battery
  • Be sure to turn your 3G & Wi-Fi connections Off while they are not in use.
  • Set your screen brightness to “Auto Brightness” settings.
  • For syncing applications, either increase the sync interval or avoid using syncing applications continuously.
How can I make my GPS connection determine my exact location?
To make optimal use of GPS for exact location determination, please use your Tab in open air and ensure to turn on your Wi-Fi, GPS, Assisted GPS & location; which will help to fetch your exact location. Please note that turning all of these connections on would increase your battery consumption, so be sure to turn them off after use.
Why does my tab get slowed down at times?
To make optimal use of your Tab’s processing power, please be sure
  • Make sure that there is some free space in your SD card.
  • Kill syncing apps running in the background which you do not want to use all the time.
  • Kill idle background applications using Task killer App which can be easily downloaded from the android market Free of charge.
What can I do if my camera does not work?
To make your camera work, please be sure that you have an SD card inserted into your tab’s SD card slot. Also make sure that you have ample free memory in your SD card for photo storage. On your installed Apps menu, you’ll find “SD card” icon, please use this function to move some of your downloaded content to your SD card to make your tab work more smoothly. Conversely you can also install “Apps to SD” application which automatically alerts you about the applications which can be moved to the SD card.
Can I use Skype to make video calls?
No, Skype for Android at present does not support Froyo 2.2 based gadgets, however you can use skype to make voice calls to your skype contacts.


Does Evo Tab support wireless connectivity?
Yes; Evo Tab offers support for Wifi, EVDO Rev A, Bluetooth EDR 2.1, AGPS, G-Sensor & E-Compass.
What is the battery time for my Evo Tab?
The average usage time for EVO Tab with continuous 3G/Wi-Fi connectivity is 3-4 hours with about 140 hours of standby time.
How long should I charge my battery before using my Tab for the first time?
For initial use, please ensure to charge your Tab over-night using the provided charger.
Can I use my Evo tab to take photos & record real time videos?
Yes; with EVO Tab we let you enjoy both still photography as well as high quality video recording. Evo tab has dual cameras ; a front camera that offers good clarity for video chats while the 5 Mega Pixel rear camera lets you enjoy High quality stills as well as HD real time videos.
Can I use my GSM & CDMA SIMs simultaneously?
No, you can use only one network for voice calls at a time. Your EVO Tab has two SIM/RUIM slots, In case you have both GSM and CDMA SIMS inserted in your Tab, please select the appropriate slot to choose the network you want to connect to. To select the SIM Slot follow the following steps:
Go to Settings> Slot Select > Slot Select > Select Slot 1 or Slot 2 > Press Home button or Return Button. 
After any settings change, Please Restart your tab to make the settings effective.

How can I convert from GSM/CDMA to EVDO mode and vice versa?
Please note that by default your EVO Tab is set to connect at EVDO (NV) mode. To switch modes please follow the below steps:
Conversion from GSM/CDMA to EVO mode
TO convert from GSM/CDMA to EVO mode please follow the below steps:
Settings --------> Go to Wireless & networks ---------> Mobile Networks ---------> CDMA Subscription
In Mobile Networks, please ensure the following options are checked:

In CDMA Subscription you’ll be given two network options i.e 

For using your Tab on EVDO mode, please select the “NV” Mode. Once all settings are in place, please re-boot your tab and start browsing using EVO.
Conversion from EVO to GSM/CDMA
TO convert from GSM/CDMA to EVO mode please follow the below steps:
1.       Go to Settings> Slot Select > Select Slot 1 or Slot 2 > Press Home button or Return Button.
2.       Settings  ------->  Go to Wireless & networks ------->  Mobile Networks ------> CDMA Subscription
 For using your Tab on GSM mode, please select the “SIM/RUIM” Mode. Once all settings are in place, please re-boot your tab.
Can I browse the internet while making a voice call?
You can use your GSM SIM to make voice calls and browse the internet using Wi-Fi connection. However please note that
·         While browsing internet using EVDO mode, you would not be able to use your GSM/CDMA SIMs for voice calls.
·         While using CDMA SIM to make voice calls, you would not be able to browse internet
Does EVO Tab support Flash content?
No; EVO Tab currently does not support flash content. However you can view flash content using a browser that can support flash content like Skyfire.
How can I enable and disable mobile data for my EVO Tab?
On your home screen, you’ll find a “Data switch” icon, tapping which you can either enable or disable mobile data transfer.
Can I use my EVO Tab to make video calls?
Yes, you can use the pre-installed “Tango” App to make video calls with EVO Tab’s front camera. Conversely you can also download a variety of video calling software from the Android Market to enjoy video calls with friends and family. For video calls please ensure to select the Tab’s “Front Camera” as your default camera from camera settings. 
In CDMA Subscription you’ll be given two network options i.e 


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