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Virtual University of Pakistan-For New Students-Complete Information About VU Exam & Software

Dear Students,
Midterm Exam will start. Many students of 1st semester are facing problems in exam preparation and afraid about Exam. Because they are going to attempt 1st time Online Exam.
We are going to start this discussion for new students and will try to clear confusions of students and guide them for preparation and attempting exam. 

“How to use VU Exam Software and attempt Midterm Exam”

VU Online Midterm exam detail is as following

• Duration will 60 minutes
• 70% will be objective questions (like Online Quiz) & 30% will be subjective Questions.
Pattren will be like below this ( Just as example)
• Total 28 questions.
• 20 Mcqs like VU Online Quiz
• Two questions of 2 marks
• Two questions of 3 marks
• Two questions of 5 marks
• VU ID Card and your date sheet must take when you go to examination center

Complete Information About VU Exam & Software - For New Students

and check this below link 


Student ID:          Your VULMS ID
Exam Password:   Given on your Date Sheet

Software Timer may Create Problem, so Be Careful during Exam.
You will See your Picture at the Top-Right of the Page, Female Students can Hide Their Picture With the Help of an arrow Option on the picture.

Please note that:
•Exam Software shall automatically close when the prescribed time is over. You areadvised to save your data frequently in order to prevent any data loss.
•In case you are asked by the examiner to close your paper on technical grounds, youmust close it through browser close button and NOT through the “Finish”button.

Important Instructions:
•Don’t copy image directly from paint. Instead, first copy the image into MS Word, thenpaste it in the Exam Software.
•You can save data up to a maximum of 2MB size in a single descriptive question.
•For larger images, save as monochrome bitmap image in MS paint, then paste it intoexam software.

In order to avoid any kind of data loss or other problem, take care of the following:
•Do not close the browser window.
•Do not press browser back button. Instead, use the exam software navigation buttons.


MGT502 midterm old past paper 2010

MGT502- Organizational Behaviour (Session - 1)
 Question No:  ( Marks: 1 )  - Please choose one                                             
Which one   of       the                 following    is        not                 considered                         as      a      part      of organizational output?

Finished goods
Services Dividends Capital
 Question No: 2   ( Marks: 1 )   - Please choose one                                                               
Which of the following is not one of the types of attitude?

Job satisfaction Job Involvement Organizational Behavior
 Organizational commitment
 Question No:  ( Marks: 1 )  - Please choose one                                                                 
Which  of the  following  is NOT included  in the  ways  employees  can express dissatisfaction?



Question No:  ( Marks: 1 )  - Please choose one                                                                 
Which  dimension  of the  Big Five model  refers to  be  pleasant  and accommodating in social situations?

 Openness  to experience
 Emotional  stability

Question No:  ( Marks: 1 )  - Please choose one                                                                 
Whic of  the  following  is  NO a                                         key  component  of           emotional intelligence?

Question No: 6   ( Marks: 1 )   - Please choose one                                                               
What effect does stress typically have on mood?

Positive Negative Unbiased No effect

Question No:  ( Marks: 1 )  - Please choose one                                                                 
It is not possible for Mr. Asim to understand everything  he sees, he notices a few of the things, we can say that he engages in:

Assimilating Selective perception Halo Effect
 Target Perception

Question No: 8   ( Marks: 1 )   - Please choose one                                                               
The  mos well-known  theory  of  motivation  is  Abraha Maslow’s

Theories x and y
 Hierarchy of needs

 Goal setting theory
 Equity theory

Question No: 9   ( Marks: 1 )   - Please choose one                                                               
Our intrinsic desire for personal  development is included  in Alderfer’s
                              _ needs.


Question No: 10    ( Marks: 1 )  - Please choose one                                                               
Which  of the  following  is NOT  an  important issue  relating  to goal- setting theory?

Defining the goal
Goal difficulty Goal specificity Equity among co-workers

Question No: 11    ( Marks: 1 )  - Please choose one                                                               
What  sort  of  plan  is  a  company-established  benefit  plan  where employees acquire stock as part of their benefits?

MBO program
 Gain sharing plan
 Employee stock ownership plan
 Piece-rate plan

Question No: 12   ( Marks: 1 )   - Please choose one                                                             
What happens  in the second stage of group development?

Close relationships  are developed
 The group demonstrates cohesiveness
 Intra-group conflict often occurs
 The job task is performed

Question No: 13    ( Marks: 1 )  - Please choose one                                                               
Which  of  the  following  is one  of  the  drawbacks  of  group  decision making?

More knowledge through  pooling of group resources
 More amount of time is required to make a decision

 Increased acceptance & commitment due to voice in decisions
 Greater understanding due to involvement in decision stages

Question No: 14   ( Marks: 1 )   - Please choose one                                                             
Which of the following is traditionally  followed by the formal channels of communication within an organization?

 Authority chain
 Influence chain
 Transmission chain
 Social chain

Question No: 15   ( Marks: 1 )   - Please choose one                                                             
Clarification to employees about how well they are doing, and what can be done to improve performance, are examples of which function of  communication?

Information Control Motivation
 Emotional  expression

Question No: 16   ( Marks: 1 )   - Please choose one                                                             
The _             network best serves to promote high member  satisfaction.

Direct Circle Wheel

Question No: 17   ( Marks: 1 )   - Please choose one                                                             
A communication channel with greater channel richness is most likely to provide:

Greater feedback density
 Greater filtering capability
 Greater perceptuawellness
 Larger amounts of information

Question No: 18    ( Marks: 1 )  - Please choose one                                                               
The study of organizational behavior is primarily concerned with all of the following dynamics in organizations EXCEPT:



Question No: 19   ( Marks: 1 )   - Please choose one                                                             
How do proponents  of reinforcement  theory view behavior?

As a product of heredity
 As a function of one’s power need
 As the result of a cognitive process
 As environmentally caused

Question No: 20    ( Marks: 1 )  - Please choose one                                                               
Which  of the  following  is true  for the  people  who  adopt  a thinking style based on logics and rationality?

 They process information serially
 They perceive things as a whole
 They perceive things on the basis of past experiences
 Their decisions depend upon situation

Question No: 21    ( Marks: 1 )  - Please choose one                                                               
Sheraz  wants  to become  a surgeon, not only because  achieving  this goal  will give  him  self-respect  and  autonomy, but  also  because  he wants  a job  with  high  status  and  recognition  from  others. Which  of Maslows needs is Sheraz trying to meet?


Question No: 22   ( Marks: 1 )   - Please choose one                                                             
Teams are very useful in which of the following situations?

The work to be performed is very basic
 The tasks are interrelated
 No one wants to be accountable
 The group is homogeneous

Question No: 23   ( Marks: 1 )   - Please choose one                                                             
All of the following are studied in Organizational Behavior, EXCEPT
 Human  behaviors in organizations
 International trade laws

 Organizational culture
 The relationship between people and organizations

Question No: 24    ( Marks: 1 )  - Please choose one                                                               
Which of the following behavior of an individual makes a positive contribution  to an organization?
 Motivational behavior
 Performance behavior
 Organizational citizenship
 Perceptive contribution

Question No: 25    ( Marks: 1 )  - Please choose one                                                               
CEO of a computer  manufacturing organization rewards his employees with computers, vacations or bonuses for meeting  personal or organizational goal. He is practicing which of the following method  of shaping behavior?
Positive reinforcement   Negative reinforcement   Punishment

Question No: 26   ( Marks: 1 )   - Please choose one                                                             
The suspension  of a construction employee for one day without pay for not wearing hard hat when instructed strictly, is an example of which of the following method  of shaping behavior?
 Negative reinforcement
 Positive reinforcement

Question No: 27    ( Marks: 1 )  - Please choose one                                                               
The founder of TL Corporation has to face many difficulties while establishing  his company  even banks were not ready to grant loan. But he showed persistence and after four years he was able to generate finance by the mortgage  of his own house. He was exhibiting which of the following personality trait of Big Five Personality Model?
Emotional Stability Conscientiousness Extroversion

Question No: 28   ( Marks: 1 )   - Please choose one                                                             
Mr. Ahmed started his career as a clerk, now after 6 years of hard work he has earned the position of finance manager. He believes that

all his success is because of his own hard work and devotion. Ahmed has:
 Internal locus of control
 Emotional  intelligence
 High self-esteem

Question No: 29   ( Marks: 1 )   - Please choose one                                                             
Which of the following is an example of positive emotions? Anger

Question No: 30   ( Marks: 1 )   - Please choose one                                                             
Which one of the following set of skills is best representing  the required competencies  of managers?
 Technical skills, human skills and conceptual skills
 Leading skills, motivational skills and human skills
 Organizing  skills, interpersonal  skills and leading skills
 Motivating skills, intrapersonal  skills and conceptuaskills

Question No: 31   ( Marks: 1 )   - Please choose one                                                             
The rational decision-making approach  assumes that decision makers: Have complete information
 Are motivated by greed
 Are often distracted by the environment
 Are subjective

Question No: 32   ( Marks: 1 )   - Please choose one                                                             
Mr. Ahmad is HR manager  in an organization. He has ten employees who directly report to him. They are the part of which of the following group?
 Command group
 Task group
 Friendship group
 Interest group

Question No: 33   ( Marks: 1 )   - Please choose one                                                             

Which  of the  following  is a structured  approach  to decision  making that  focuses on generating  alternatives  silently, prevents  criticism of
alternatives, and uses a voting process to identify group choices?
 Devil's advocacy
 The Delphi technique
 Dialectical inquiry
 The nominal group

Question No: 34    ( Marks: 1 )  - Please choose one                           
Which                         of        the        following                determines                    requirements      of                           organization conversion process?
 Machinery, computers and human skills
 Raw material and capital
 Finished products and services
 HR and information  system

Question No: 35   ( Marks: 3 )                                                                                               
Discuss when formal leadership may not be that important?

Question No: 36   ( Marks: 5 )                                                                                               
List and explain different barriers to effective communication.

Question No: 37    ( Marks: 5 )                                                                                                
It  is argued  that  most  of the  time  manager use  rational  decision making  model  when risk is high. Do you agree with this statement or not? Give logical reasons to support your answer.


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