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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

NBP Student Loan Scheme

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Pursuant to the announcement made by the Federal Finance Minister in his 2001-2002-budget speech, aSTUDENTS LOAN SCHEME (SLS) for Education was launched by the Government of Pakistan in collaboration with major commercial banks of Pakistan (NBP, HBL, UBL, MCB and ABL). Under the Scheme, financial assistance is provided by way of Interest Free Loans to the meritorious students who have financial constraints for pursuing their studies in Scientific, Technical and Professional education within Pakistan.
The Scheme is being administered by a high powered committee comprising Deputy Governor, State Bank of Pakistan, Presidents of the commercial banks and representative of Ministry of Finance, Government of Pakistan.
ADMINISTRATOR OF THE SCHEME National Bank of Pakistan.
  • Under the scheme the students are eligible to apply for loans provided:
  • He/She has obtained admission on merit through normal course/procedure in the approved Universities/Colleges of the public sector mentioned hereunder.
  • He/She falls at the time of admission within the age bracket of :
For Graduation                      Not exceeding 21 Years
For Post-Graduation            Not exceeding 31 Years
For Ph.D                                 Not exceeding 36 Years
    • He/She has secured 70% marks in the last public examination.
    • He/She has undertaken the study of the subjects given below.
    • He/She is unable to pursue studies due to financial constraints
Types of Loan:
The loan facility will be available for entire duration of the study for:-
Schedule Fee
Paid directly to the
Boarding expenses excluding meal charges
Procurement of textbooks--- Disbursed directly to the student
Repayment of Loan

The maximum period of repayment of loan is 10-Years from the date of disbursement of first installment. The borrower shall repay the loan in monthly installment after six months from the date of first employment or one year from the date of completion of studies, which ever is earlier.
Under the Scheme, loans is available in the following subjects.
iii)Oil Gas & Petro-Chemical  Technologyiv)Agriculture
vii)Chemistryviii)Biology, Molecular Biology & Genetics
ix)Mathematicsx)Other Natural Sciences
xi)DAWA and Islamic Jurisprudence
(LL.B/LL.M Sharia)
xii)Computer Science/Information
System and Technology including hardware.
xiii)Economics, Statistics and Econometricsxiv)Business Management Sciences

Other Information

Application Forms are available from the designated branches mentioned above or may be downloaded from National Bank of Pakistan website
The students desirous of availing loan under the Scheme may apply on prescribed form for financial assistance subject to he or she has got admission on merit through normal procedure in the Universities/ Colleges afore-mentioned.
Applicants are required to submit/send their applications on the prescribed form, duly completed in all respect, to the designated branches indicated against each University/College by the given date. Incomplete application shall not be entertained.

Students who have availed this facility in the last / previous year(s) need not to apply.

Mr. Shamim Iqbal, Vice President
Students Loan Wing,
Credit Management Group
National Bank of Pakistan,
Head Office, Karachi
Telephone No. 021-99213026 and 99220100- Ext.2637.
Fax. 021-99213021
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List of Insurance Companies in Pakistan

I. Public sector 
  • 1. National Insurance Corporation
  • 2. Pakistan Reinsurance Company Ltd.
  • 3. Postal Life Insurance
  • 4. State Life Insurance Corporation Ltd.

II. Private sector
a) Incorporated in Pakistan
  • 1. Adamjee Insurance Company Ltd.
  • 2. Agro General Insurance Company Ltd.
  • 3. Allianz EFU Health Insurance Company Ltd.
  • 4. Alpha Insurance Company Ltd.
  • 5. Amercian Life Insurance Company Ltd.
  • 6. Asia Insurance Company Ltd.
  • 7. Asian Mutual Insurance Company Ltd.
  • 8. Askari General Insurance Company Ltd.
  • 9. Beema Insurance Company Ltd.
  • 10. Business & Industrial Insurance Company Ltd.
  • 11. Capital Insurance Company Ltd.
  • 12. Central Insurance Company Ltd.
  • 13. Century Insurance Company Ltd.
  • 14. Commercial Union Life Assurance Company
  • 15. Co-operative Insurance Society of Pakistan Ltd.
  • 16. Credit Insurance Company Ltd.
  • 17. Crescent Star Insurance Company Ltd.
  • 18. Dadabhoy Insurance Company Ltd.
  • 19. Delta Insurance Company Ltd.
  • 20. E.F.U.General Insurance Company Ltd.
  • 21. E.F.U.Life Insurance Company Ltd.
  • 22. East West Insurance Company Ltd.
  • 23. Excel Insurance Company Ltd.
  • 24. Gulf Insurance Company Ltd.
  • 25. Habib Insurance Company Ltd.
  • 26. Indus International Insurance Company Ltd.
  • 27. International General Insurance Co. of Pak
  • 28. Ittefaq General Insurance Company Ltd.
  • 29. Jupiter Insurance Company Ltd.
  • 30. Metropoliton Life Assurance Company Ltd.
  • 31. Muslim Insurance Company Ltd.
  • 32. National General Insurance Company Ltd.
  • 33. New Jubilee Insurance Comapny Ltd.
  • 34. North Star Insurance Company Ltd.
  • 35. Orient Insurance Company Ltd.
  • 36. Pakistan General Insurance Company Ltd.
  • 37. Pakistan Guarantee Insurance Company Ltd.
  • 38. Pakistan Mutual Insurance Company Ltd.
  • 39. Platinum Insurance Company Ltd.
  • 40. Premier Insurance Company Ltd.
  • 41. Prime Insurance Company Ltd.
  • 42. Raja Insurance Company Ltd.
  • 43. Reliance Insurance Company Ltd.
  • 44. Seafield Insurance Company Ltd.
  • 45. Security General Insurance Company Ltd.
  • 46. Shaheen Insurance Company Ltd.
  • 47. Sliver Star Insurance Company Ltd.
  • 48. Union Insurance Company of Pakistan Ltd.
  • 49. United Insurance Company of Pakistan Ltd.
  • 50. Universal Insurance Company Ltd.
b) Incorporated abroad
  • 1. ACE Insurance Aid Pacific Ltd.
  • 2. CGU Assurance Company Ltd.
  • 3. New Hampshire Insurance Company Ltd.
  • 4. New Zealand Insurance Company Ltd.
  • 5. Royal & Sun Alliance Assurance plc.


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mgt402 Quiz 02 Special Semester 2007

Cost & Management Accounting (mgt402)               Solution to Quiz 02
Special Semester 2007

(Total Marls 1 x 15 = 15)
Find out correct option from given MCQs & put your answer in above table:

1.  A manufacturing company manufactures a product which passes through two
departments. 10,000 units were put in process. 9,400 units were completed &
transferred to department-II. 400 units (1/2 complete) were in process at the end of
month. Remaining 200 units were lost during processing. Costs incurred by the
department were as follows:

Particulars  Rs.
Direct Materials  19,400
Direct Labor  24,250
Factory overhead   14,550

Equivalent units of material, for the month in CPR ____________ 

a.  200 units
b.  9400 units  
c.  9600 units
d.  None of the given options

MCQ # 2 and 3 are based on the following data:

Allied chemical company reported the following production data for its department:

Particulars  Units
Received in from department –1  55,000
Transferred out department –3  39,500
In process (1/3 labor & overhead)  10,500

All materials were put in process in Department No. 1. Costing department collected
following figures for department No. 2:

Particulars  Rs.
Unit cost received in   1.80
Labor cost in department No.2  27,520
Applied overhead in Department No. 2  15,480

2.  Equivalent units of Material are _________
a.  3,500 units
b.  39,500 units
c.  43,000 units
d.  None of the given options Cost & Management Accounting (mgt402)               Solution to Quiz 02
Special Semester 2007 
3.  Unit cost used for transferred out  _________
a.  Rs. 0.64
b.  Rs. 0.36
c.  Rs. 0.18
d.  None of the given options

4.  During January, Assembling department received 60,000 units from preceding department at a unit cost of Rs. 3.54. Costs added in the assembly department were:

Particulars  Rs.
Materials  41,650
Labor  101,700
Factory overheads  56,500

There was no work in process beginning inventory. 

Particulars  Units
Units from preceding department   60,000
Units transferred out   50,000
Units in process at the end of month  
(all materials, 2/3converted)

Units lost (1/2 completed as to materials & conversion cost )  1,000

The entire loss is considered abnormal & is to be charged to factory overhead.
  Cost transferred to next department __________

a.  Rs. 55,703.3 App.
b.  Rs. 356,546.6 App.
c.  Rs. 412,249.9 App.
d.  None of the given options

MCQ # 5, 6, 7 and 8 are based on the following data:

The following is the Corporation's Income Statement for last month:

Particulars  Rs.
Sales  4,000,000
Less: variable expenses  1,800,000
Contribution margin  2,200,000
Less: fixed expenses  720,000
Net income   1480,000Cost & Management Accounting (mgt402)               Solution to Quiz 02
Special Semester 2007

The company has no beginning or ending inventories. A total of 80,000 units were
produced and sold last month. 

5.  What is the company's contribution margin ratio?
a.  30%
b.  50%
c.  150%
d.  None of given options

6.  What is the company's break-even in units?

a.  48,000 units 
b.  72,000 units 
c.  80,000 units
d.  None of the given options

7.  How many units would the company have to  sell to attain target profits of Rs.600,000?

a.  48,000 units
b.  88,000 units
c.  106,668 units
d.  None of given options 

8.  What is the company's margin of safety in Rs?

a.  Rs. 1,600,000 
b.  Rs. 2,400,000 
c.  Rs. 25,60,000
d.  None of given options 

MCQ # 9 & 10 are based on the following data:

The following data related to production of ABC Company:

Units produced  2,000 units
Direct materials  Rs.6
Direct labor  Rs.10
Fixed overhead  Rs.20,000
Variable overhead  Rs.6 Cost & Management Accounting (mgt402)               Solution to Quiz 02
Special Semester 2007
Fixed selling and administrative  Rs.2000
Variable selling and administrative  Rs.2

9.  Using the data given above, what will be the unit product cost under absorption

a.  Rs. 32
b.  Rs. 30
c.  Rs. 25
d.  None of the given options

10. Using the data given above, what will be the unit product cost under marginal

a.  Rs. 22
b.  Rs. 24
c.  Rs. 28
d.  None of the given options

1.      Mr. Zahid received Rs. 100,000 at the time of retirement. He has invested in a profitable Avenue. From Company A, he received the dividend of 35% and from Company B he received the dividend of 25%. He has selected Company A for investment.  His opportunity cost will be:

a)      35,000
b)     25,000
c)      10,000
d)     55,000
2.      In increasing production volume situation, the behavior of Fixed cost & Variable cost will be:

a)      Increases, constant
b)     Constant, increases
c)      Increases, decreases
d)     Decreases, increases
3.      While calculating the finished goods ending inventory, what would be the formula to calculate per unit cost?

a)      Cost of goods sold / number of units sold
b)     Cost of goods to be manufactured / number of units manufactured
c)      Cost of goods manufactured / number of units manufactured
d)     Total manufacturing cost / number of units manufactured 

4.      If the direct labor is Rs. 42,000 and FOH is 40% of conversion cost. What will be the amount of FOH?

a)      63,000
b)     30,000
c)      28,000
d)     16,800
5.      Which one of the following centers is responsible to earns sales revenue?
a)      Cost center
b)     Investment center
c)      Revenue center
d)     Profit center
6.      While preparing the Cost of Goods Sold and Income Statement, the over applied FOH is;
a)      Add back, subtracted
b)     Subtracted, add back
c)      Add back, add back
d)     Subtracted, subtracted
7.      Which of the following ratios expressed that how many times the inventory is turning over towards the cost of goods sold?
a)      Net profit ratio
b)     Gross profit ratio
c)      Inventory turnover ratio
d)     Inventory holding period
8.      When opening and closing inventories are compared, if ending inventory is more than opening inventory, it means that:

a)      Increase in inventory
b)     Decrease in inventory
c)      Both a and b
d)     None of the given options
9.      The total labor cost incurred by a manufacturing entity includes which one of the following elements:

a)      Direct labor cost
b)     Indirect labor cost
c)      Abnormal labor cost
d)     All of the given options

10.  If,
Opening stock                                                  1,000 units
Material Purchase                                            7,000 units
Closing Stock                                                      500 units
Material consumed                                             Rs. 7,500

What will be the inventory turnover ratio?

a)      10 Times
b)     12 times
c)      14.5 times
d)     9.5 times